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Welcome to our SlipIns active wear & water wear site. We are so glad you joined us.

" I just wanted to let you know that the slipIns I purchased for my recent vacation was the best investment I made. No sunscreen was my goal because the reefs off Hawaii are in peril from these chemicals. The suit didn't let me down. I returned to the mainland after 2 weeks of being in the sun almost non-stop. No sunburns. The suit was easy to slip on over my swim suit and under wetsuits. I am soooooo happy with this! The suit got so many compliments and my siblings were super envious.  I LOVE THIS !!!  Thank you so much. I'm in love with this suit. You Guys Rock ! "  Althena Clark

 SlipIns are fun, colorful sun protective sportswear for both water and land activities. Surf Suits, Dive Skins and Swimsuits, are designed for all water sport activities - Surfing, Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Wave running, Waterskiing, Scuba Diving, Free Diving, Snorkeling, Boating, Fishing, even golf and tennis, etc. All have 60+UPF sun protection and dry quickly.     

Here are a few important items you need to know.

  • SlipIns are bold, beautifully designed, sexy creations that will enhance your active lifestyle in fun and functional ways.

  • SlipIns protect you from sun "over exposure" with a 60+ UPF rating.

  • SlipIns help you get into that pesky, troublesome wetsuit with ease and fluidity. No more human sausage experiences!

  • SlipIns are all about fashion, function, and fun.

Life is a wonderful adventure. It's meant to be fun. So, be bold, be beautiful, and have fun wearing your SlipIns knowing you look great. We love making what you love to do look and feel great!


We Want To Be What You Want To Wear In & Out Of The Water