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The GymSkin line is a beautifully designed bodysuit/unitard/onesie, whatever the term you choose, that feels wonderfully soft and silky against the skin.  The fabric is a perfect combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex with our ultimate 60+UPF sun protection, so great for a workout in the gym or outside . The open back allows for cool conditions no matter how strenuous the exercise. The fabric is soft, yet incredibly durable.  Regardless of how extensive the exercise or yoga move there is no concern that the fabric becomes translucent.  Our designs are perfect for a layered look if you desire and can be worn with or without a sports bra.  You will be amazed by the comfort level and figure flattering design of this outfit completely eliminating muffin top. This is such a beautiful exercise outfit that truly enhances the elegance of your form.  Once you step out and try the one piece, you will quickly declare it your favorite active wear.  No wardrobe distractions is such a plus!!