SlipIns Skin Savers Loyalty Program

How Does It Work?


Join the program by creating a store account. Once you have done so, you are welcome to participate in all actions we have prepared for you to earn points.

Earn Points

You can earn points in a number of ways. Order your favorite SlipIns products or complete any of the actions listed in the rewards tab. View the earning points section to see what's available for you.

Order & Save

As you earn points, you can redeem them for a gift card to put toward your purchase—save on DiveSkins, Swimsuits, and more.

Earning Points

Shop to earn

Earn points every time you make a purchase of your favorite SlipIns products.

Every $1 is equivalent to 1 point.

Take action to earn

Create an Account:
100 points

Enter your Birthday:
50 points

Share on Facebook:
50 points

Follow on Instagram:
50 points

Sign Up for SlipIns Email:
150 points

Spending Points

Spend your points in the form of a gift card toward the purchase of SlipIns products.

Points Earned: 1,000
Receive: $20 SlipIns Gift Card

Points Earned: 1,500
Receive: $30 SlipIns Gift Card

Points Earned: 2,000
Receive: $40 SlipIns Gift Card