SlipIns Sea Sisters - Our Amazing Talent Pool

Sylvia Ciudad

An amazing young woman who lives in Spain and travels the world Kitesurfing and pursuing the things she loves. We should all be living in a way similar to the way this young woman does.  She lives each day to the fullest.  She spreads joy through the world and promotes fun through her sport.


Rachel Cushman

Rachel is an extraordinarily talented young woman who is a professional scuba instructor who works full time at the Long Beach Aquarium.  She is also an amazing model who works regularly with SlipIns and as you can see wears the product well.  We are so pleased to be associated with Rachel. 







Lindsay Steinriede Engle

My name is Lindsay Steinriede, I am a Kinesiology instructor at Saddleback college with an emphasis in teaching Yoga and other fitness classes. You can usually find me surfing many of the breaks in south orange county or making quick road trips up and down the coastline searching for swell. My greatest surfing accomplishment was winning the 2011 Women's Longboard World Title.

I still continue to travel around the world for the love of adventure while competing in the WSL women's longboard events. I love my Slipin surf skins because they allow me to enjoy my passion for surfing with amazing protection from the sun; keeping me healthy and happy!


Amy Reda


I grew up on the Newport peninsula and in Santa Cruz. My home break is Blackies, which is also where I learned to surf. I co-own Endless Sun Surf School, Newport Beach's original and most popular surf school. I've been in love with surfing and yoga since I was 9 years old. Now I find great joy in giving to others what means so much to me. ( Surfing & Yoga ) I like SlipIns Surfskins because they stay put when you're surfing or doing yoga and, they offer great sun protection, especially when you're traveling.

Amy Reda Surfing in Nicaragua in a strong off shore wind. She is a master of the 10 over technique.


Vienna Werner

Hey! My name is Vienna Werner and I am 17 years old and my home break is Malibu, CA. I am a competitive surfer and I am currently ranked 4th in shortboard and longboard in Southern California in the Scholastic Surf Series Competitions. I am a team rider for Slipins and I love my Slipin Surf Skins because they are extremely helpful when it comes to choosing between a full wetsuit and spring suit, I chose my Slipin because it keeps me warm and my Slipins portray my personality because they are colorful and vibrant.

Sydney Zoehrer:

I'm Sydney Zoehrer and I'm 14 years old.  I've been surfing since I was 9 at my home break, Coronado Shores. I love to surf because the sport connects me to the ocean, and fosters friendships with the wonderful people I meet while out in the water. So many opportunities have come out of surfing, including being an ambassador for Takayama Surfboards, exploring new places, and becoming a part of the Slipins family. Surfing aside, I am a full time student at Coronado High School and I enjoy running track, hiking, and adventuring the California coastline with family and friends. I am so stoked to represent SlipIns, a unique brand that adds sun protection, comfort, and style to a surf session! I am so excited to see what path surfing will take me on and I'm grateful to have Slipins along for the ride!

Susanna ( Sea Fire ) Walczak-Pol


Susanna Walczak-Pol, is a Maui girl. A true water woman, she is so blessed to call this island paradise her home. She loves traveling the world and to Susanna the search is everything. While seeking out perfect, uncrowded waves around the world is her passion, she also competes regularly in local events as well WQS  events such as the Women's Pipe Pro. This year she is excited to surf big waves, place well in contests, travel to new surf destinations and consistently expand her career as a surfing professional.  She loves surfing in her SlipIns because it feels like surfing naked and the comfort and agility of these amazing surf suits is unrivaled. Susanna is also a beautiful dancer and aerialist and owns her own entertainment business.

Sharon Lee

Home break: San Onofre

Favorite break: Pleasure Point and The Lane

My love for the ocean goes beyond the love of riding waves. I'm a strong advocate in ocean preservation and marine life conservation, with a special place in my heart for sea turtles. I love sharing the stoke of riding waves with others by volunteering with Mauli Ola Foundation and Life Rolls On. 

My favorite thing about SlipIns is that I get the ultimate sun protection... In style!!  Also, that the suit stays on, even when there are waves pounding.

Jacqueline Getz

I'm Jacqueline Getz, I am 16 and from Dana point. My passions include playing guitar, surfing, drawing, singing and adventuring? as you can see on my Instagram as @thatcoconutgirl. My home surf breaks are San Onofre and Salt Creek! I surf competitively for my school and local surf club. So far I have accomplished surfing almost everyday for the past 4 years that I have been surfing and My goal is to become a big name in the world of surfing and to protect and maintain the environment we love. I love my Slipins because they are so colorful and pretty out on the water and when I do yoga:), they are super easy to get in and out of, and really comfortable no matter what you're doing.



Ekaterina Guensler

Originally from The country of Georgia I learned early on that the keys to success were Determination, Discipline and Mental Toughness. Throughout my career as a Rhythmic Gymnast, Choreographer, Mother and Personal Trainer I realized that not all people were motivated and inspired the same. I also recognized that every client’s body responds differently to the exercises and Nutritional advice I imposed on them, so my approach became very individualized and unique. As a result of this awareness I made it a priority to learn many different disciplines to Personal Training and sports performance.
Along with my Certification from NPTI, My career as a tier 3 trainer at Equinox to my current position as Elite trainer at Renaissance club Sport I also possess certifications in Pre and Post natal, Kettle Bells level 2, TRX, CPR and Precision Nutrition. My accomplishments following my decorated Gymnastic career include Mother of 3, Miss Fitness Universe champion, Miss Fitness LA, Fitness Universe Pro, and World Fitness Champion.
The Knowledge I have gained through my experiences has given me the ability to effectively program for all my clients and know how hard they need to be
pushed to safely achieve their goals.

My client base is a very diverse group, I train Professional Athletes, Moms, Dads, young adults aspiring gymnasts and business people with all different fitness backgrounds and abilities.

                        Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo Laguna Beach
                        Personal TrainingAliso Viejo, California





Breana Schroeder

Ahlia Hoffman

Ahlia Hoffman is a world-class yoga instructor having lead classes, trainings, workshops, and retreats throughout the United States (the Mainland and Hawaii), Central America, Bali, Israel, and the Caribbean.  When she's not teaching yoga or leading a teacher training, Ahlia can be found practicing her hobby turned profession: tandem surfing.  Ahlia is world ranked and loves being a part of the SlipIns Sea Sisters Family as the Mini is her favorite thing to surf in. Ahlia leads a very active lifestyle and has enjoyed working as a fitness and yoga model, appearing online and in print.  Ahlia also loves writing, beach walks, going out to eat, spending time with friends and family, traveling, cooking, and being in nature.  Ahlia teaches a donation based yoga class called Sunshine Yoga once a week in her hometown of Encinitas, CA.