What GUYS are Saying About SlipIns-Happy Father's Day

Dear Rick and Robin,

I finally got in the water with my SlipIns Diveskin.  WOW!  What a Wonderful Suit.  It is a whole different Game When You Get in the Water.  Robin Nailed The Size of The Suit Perfectly.  Felt even Better because as I swam I must have sucked in My Gut.  The print came alive in the pool which is crystal clear water.  Just an amazing thing to look at.  You both have really done a great service to The Divers, Surfers, and Swimmers of The World.  SlipIns are Just a Fun Comfortable Thing To Wear.  I Can Tell You Both That I Will Enjoy Mine and Recommend It to Anyone Who Asks About Them.  By the Way as of Writing This E-Mail The Other One is Out For Delivery.  Can Not Wait To See The Print and Get It In TheWater.  They Also Dry Fast as I Sit Here and Write It is Almost Dry.  Thanks To Both Of You and I am glad I took a Chance on Your Company.  Keep Up The Great Product and Stellar Customer Service.  


(the photo is not the customer writing this)

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