Best Stinger Suit on the Market

Hearing from our customers on their travels and how their SlipIns not only enhanced their total enjoyment, but also provided some much needed benefits, is what we love about our little business.  Coral and Alex are down in Costa Rica and recently went on a snorkeling trip around Cano Island.  Here's what they had to say!

"Alex and I went on a snorkeling tour around Cano Island where tons of tiny, translucent jellyfish also like to hang out.  The other 5 people in our group had to get back on the boat because they were getting stung so badly, but we were totally protected in our SlipIns!  Another AMAZING feature confirmed!!"

Don't let your fabulous vacation get spoiled because of stinging critters, or the sun (60+UPF).  Get your SlipIns and have the best time of your life!!

Wear your jellyfish(Jammin Jellies DiveSkin)-don't get stung by them!!

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