No More Plumber's Butt PLEEAASE!

I had another revelation moment, this time at the gym. We just came out with our new SlipIns GymSkins, perfect for all aerobic activities. I’m at my usual 7am Pilates class. We are on our mats, doing a fold forward movement. I am comfortably in my new SlipIns GymSkins, feeling very stylish and colorful.   Silky soft fabric in that awesome onesie design with a great open back.   I look up and there is a gal in front of me, with her top riding up and her capris riding down, the classic ‘plumbers butt’ exhibition. I was so conflicted. Of course, she had no idea this was happening to her. We rarely do know unless someone is willing to tap us and tell us this embarrassing moment is happening, I knew that with a SlipIns GymSkins this would never happen again.

One piece exercise wear just makes so much sense.

One piece is slimming and flattering

No more muffin top

No more hiking up your bottoms and pulling down your top to cover your midriff constantly during your workout. It’s already beautifully covered.

Think about all those exercise moves you do, from Yoga, to Pilates, to Barre, to Spin, and Aerobics, as well as running and walking the dog!

SlipIns GymSkins are just plain comfortable and make you look amazing!!

We hope you give it a try too.

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