Whale Shark LOVE

We recently had an order for a Whale Shark DiveSkin going to Thailand.  We received an email from the diver who is training to be a dive master.   I just had to share her email, as I'm sure it will bring a smile to your faces, just as it did mine.  Wearing SlipIns brings a smile to faces all over the world.  

Hello Robin,


      I'm Ae from Thailand. Alexander 's wife. I really love my diveskin suit. It's perfect from sun protection, also make easyer to wear wet suit. I'm very popular here because of whale shark skin , people love it. Everyday people are asking me a lot ." Where I get this suit?" 

Most of them are very interested. I show them your website and some pictures in website and explain about quality. 

Many times I dived by ware just whale shark diveskin , while driving many divers stop at me to take some picture. I am very confident when I wear it. 

Also it is my lucky suit because when I saw whale shark while driving, whale shark is always swim back to me so close to check me, why I have same skin like them. Hahaha


Have a great day



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