Such An Amazing Summer of 2016

I haven't written a blog post in a while, partly because we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for our new website to be launched, and partly because it is hard to believe Summer 2016 is over!!  Such a very very busy summer it has been.  I won't go in to all the details, but the biggest delight has been how our Zippered Minis have just been on fire!!  We first introduced them in the late summer of 2014 for the local surfer girls, and they loved them, something fun and colorful to wear when our waters are warm enough, stays in place when getting worked by the surf, and getting great sun protection-60+UPF!  And then the stand up paddlers picked up on how great they are for paddling and staying sun protected.  But this summer has been an explosion as women of all ages and sizes and activity levels have discovered these beauties and are wearing them as they would any one piece bathing suit, but with the HUGE BONUS of the fabulous SUN PROTECTION, for any water activity or just hanging out on the boat, at the beach or by the pool.  Someone recently even sent me a picture of Beyonce wearing a colorful, long sleeve, one piece bathing suit while on vacation.  Hey, it wasn't a SlipIns but it damn sure could have been.  We truly feel that we have created the awareness of this style of water wear and the benefits of the 60+UPF sun protection.  Did you know that some countries (such as Australia) have banned sun screen when going in the ocean, it is so bad for the ocean and coral reefs.  This sun protection issue is only going to become more and more prominent, and SlipIns is very proud to say that we make the Worlds Finest Sun Protective Water Wear!  So check us out and Get Your Butt in a Mini!!


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