Welcome To Our New Website - It's Opening Day!

Robin and I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our SlipIns SurfSkins & GymSkins site.  We are so excited to be able to offer this beautiful and functional product to you.  August 1st will forever be a memorable day for us because it's the day that out website goes live. It's also the day that Robin and I first met and so on many levels will always be a day of real significance.  We hope that you become as excited about our products as we are and find them as useful and enjoyable as we know they are.  Please share this site with your friends and don't forget to tell them that they have the chance to win a custom made high performance longboard by making a purchase.  If you make a SurfSkin or SurfSkin Mini purchase before September 30th, your name will be entered in the drawing 3 times.  If you make a purchase before December 10th, your name will be entered in the drawing for this beautiful board once.  You might be the lucky winner.

Once you try on our SurfSkins and GymSkins, you will find out how fun they are to wear.  As you see in the picture, Lindsey Steinriede, Women's World Longboard Champion 2012, has discovered how much fun and truly functional our products are.  She loves them for the fashion and the sun protection.  The guys on the beach love them for obvious reasons.  They make the wearer look so great! 

Welcome to our world and enjoy your time here.  We are so glad you came to see what SlipIns SurfSkins & GymSkins is all about.

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