The Whale Shark Obsession.

The girl with the Whale Shark tattoo is traveling the world solo in her Sun Protective Waterwear.  This young Danish beauty, Benedicte Reinsborg Pedersen, has found her life's calling.  She recently found herself in Exmouth, Australia, volunteering on a Whale Shark boat on the Ningaloo Reef.  Before she went, she had seen a picture on our SlipIns Instagram of our Whale Shark DiveSkin and just was compelled to have it. She thought it would be so cool to get a picture with a Whale Shark while wearing her SlipIns.


After she had the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants in Ningaloo and captured this image, she just knew she had to get her own personalized Whale Shark illustration on her body.


She found a Sydney tattoo artist at Bondi Ink Tattoo Parlor who immortalized her life altering experience on her upper thigh.  This event has led to further adventures involving travel to other Whale Shark hangouts.  Currently, she is free diving in her Whale Shark sun protective swimwear  in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. One of her new diving friends, Spyro O Cuiv at Tank Ha Dive Center who apparently is a Whale Shark enthusiast is accompanying her on many of her adventures.  Both find it very advantageous to wear their SlipIns UV protection in the intense sun of the Mexican coast. 

The folks here at SlipIns will certainly be interested in following Benedicte  (@benobeno) in her continued adventures around the globe.  We hope you will as well.


Benedicte is Ecologically sensitive and never misses an opportunity to better the state of the Ocean and it's surroundings.

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