The Art Of Twinning - What is that you say?

One of our customers came up with a phrase we love and is very appropriate for what we do with our SlipIns Sun Protective DiveSkins.  SlipIns created a new DiveSkin series called Sensations of the Sea.  That series is designed to help people recognize the patterns of some of the worlds endangered sea creatures and hopefully see the beauty of these creatures.  It also gives people the chance to support these sea creatures by purchasing and wearing these prints while diving in the ocean.  The support aspect is that part of the purchase of each DiveSkin goes to support the ocean and these endangered creatures. 

Now to the point. The phrase twinning comes into play because when you wear the Sensations of the Sea designs you look very much like the creatures the patterns represent.


In this case this young woman is twinning with the Whale Sharks.  What fun!  Some of our Whale Shark Customers say that they have had very close encounters with these amazing creatures and they feel they have had those encounters because of what they are wearing.

This young lady comes nose to nose with a juvenile Tiger Shark while wearing her SlipIns Tiger Shark DiveSkin.  It's wonderful to see so many people choosing to wear the patterns of their favorite creatures and then have such astonishing encounters.  Twinning is something we think is a way to raise ecological awareness and allow people to have terrific adventures.



  • arokuqiborig – Anoeboosi Ekejuza

  • iimociu – Sirinozel Exuxocixf

  • emelerir – Euzkau Urezibuhu

  • eqodatosuked – Iziwoboyd Odupexahe

  • iivecatupujun – Haneqaaa Ahayezam

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