Annapolis Boat Show in Annapolis, Maryland

SlipIns were debuted for the first time at the Annapolis Boat Show on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.  I went with our new business associate, Traci Landis, and we two girls had a blast.  What was so great was that my brother Terry and his family live in Alexandria, VA, so we stayed with them and commuted to Annapolis each day.  The perfect combination of business and pleasure!   

The setting for the Boat Show is spectacular, right next to the Naval Academy and right on the water in historic downtown Annapolis.  And we were truly introducing these people to something they had never seen before, and were so excited to hear about our beautiful sun protective swim wear-perfect when spending hours on a boat.  And there are times of the year when they have lots of sea nettles-little stinging jellyfish, so another way of staying protected!  And the other fun thing we discovered is that the stand up paddle craze is huge with all these beautiful flat waterways.  Talk about needing SlipIns!!

And it was so fun to see Traci in action.  She approached us after discovering SlipIns from a friend who had one.  Traci has been passionate about sun protection her whole life, and believe me, it shows on her skin.  For decades she has been collecting what she calls 'the uglies' because sun protective clothing is not very attractive.  Now she wears her SlipIns DiveSkins whenever in or around the water, on fabulous tropical vacations, and even to hot yoga.  Her passion is infectious, and at the show, she would wear a DiveSkin and we kept selling out of whatever print she was wearing-mostly the Metal Scales, her personal favorite.   She was an absolute pleasure to have with me and a very valuable member of the SlipIns team.  

We hooked up with the gang at Capital SUP and several of their paddlers were wearing our sexy SlipIns Minis both at the event and then out on their paddle boards, creating quite a stir.  They told me that there is no state that is more crazy about their flag than those from Maryland, so we are going to work on making some SlipIns with the Maryland Flag print.  What a fun idea!

We met so many wonderful people and their response to our SlipIns styles was exuberant.  Believe me, there are many many more people wearing and spreading the word about the fabulous, colorful sun protective swimsuits called SlipIns!!

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