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Sand Skirts

There are wonderful things in the world that we always remember. That warm, gentle, summer night breeze that softly brushes by your scantily clad body as you stand next to the water at twilight. The unexpected softness of that baby's bottom. That soft yet electric feel of the first kiss you ever experienced.  All indelibly etched in your memory bringing smiles to your face when recalled. Now, something else memorable to experience.  The SlipIns Sand Skirt. There isn't a softer silkier fabric on the face of the earth. This style cover-up skirt has a soft draping fold-over waistband. It has beautifully tailored feel. You can hit the water in the morning, slip into your skirt and head to the office, or dazzle your date on a fabulous night out.   Frankly, you'll never want to get out of this amazing and beautiful cover-up skirt.
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Reflections Sand Skirt

$ 40.00
$ 65.00

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