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DiveSkins/SurfSkins - SAMS

$ 150.00 USD
SAMS 0001

Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) Visual Technology,  is applied to our DiveSkins and can potentially reduce the ability of sharks to see you.  The research has been extensive and proven to be effective through many tests in Australian waters.Initial tests have been completed in live conditions off the coast of Western Australia and South Africa, on the SAMS technology. Whilst the initial trials were strongly supportive of the scientific principles, the suits are not a 100% guarantee that the wearer will not be subject to a shark attack.  We believe however that it will help reduce the likely hood of such an event.


A tight fitting full body lycra suit designed to allow you to easily slip in and out of  your wetsuit- wet or dry.  There are foot stirrups, 17"- 20" front zipper and thumb holes to make slipping in and out of your wetsuit a breeze. But another fun option is to wear this OVER your wetsuit just to show off the beauty of the suit.  The garment has 60+UPF sun protection and dries quickly, so it's also ideal for snorkeling, diving without a wetsuit, surfing, paddling, freediving, swimming or lounging on the deck of the dive boat or pool. You'll never have to worry about sun over exposure.  In warm water conditions, the DiveSkin is ideal to wear by itself  or with just the BCD, tanks and other gear.  You'll never have an issue being spotted by your dive partner either.  Be beautiful and give the fish a taste of eye candy. The 17" zippered product is designed to cover the delicate decolletage with a zipper to the neck, as well as make it easy to get in and out of.  They run pretty true to size, but if in doubt, size up!  It is a one piece and height it a big factor in the fit, but they are quite stretchy.  Great for all kinds of water activities with or without a wetsuit.  Full body sun, abrasion and stinging critter protection.  So an ideal stinger suit!  Consider pairing it with a Dive Buff for even greater skin protection and to keep your hair out of the mask strap.  There are great YouTube videos on all the ways to wear a Buff.  Dive Socks coming soon!

82% polyester/18% lycra so excellent stretch, great range of motion, breathable, wicks moisture and dries quickly.  Machine wash and tumble dry.  

As unisex sizing, guys should just size up one from what they would normally wear- a womens XL is a men's 2XL etc.  Feel free to call with any questions  Robin 949-230-0550.

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